Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Landon, Ethan and Fynn

I say this a lot because I love my job, but I had so much fun with this little group of guys. They had me laughing so hard just watching their different expressions. I am looking forward to capturing many more moments in their lives.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Josephine and Corbin

This was my first time photographing twins. At 3 weeks old, I have to say my job was cake compared to their wonderful Mom. She is an amazing woman with 4 little ones. I have been photographing her children since her oldest was about 9 months old. I am proud to now call her my friend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have known Kaylie many years. She is beautiful inside and out. I was incredibly honored to take her senior portrait. What a gorgeous day we had for it as well. To see a little more of Kaylie's photos, check out (and "like") the facebook fan site for Kindred Spirits Photography.

Puppy Love... and some chickens.

I recently let it be known that I was looking to add to my pet portfolio. I offered 3 discounted sittings to anyone willing to let me photograph their pet. For my first session, I photographed two beautiful dogs, and some chickens. I intended on snapping some fun photos of the chickens with my fisheye lens but let me tell you, chickens do NOT cooperate with the camera. I did manage to get one picture. The dogs were so sweet and just wanted to play. We managed to get a few of them and one sweet one with their owner.
For more of these furry little beauties, check out my FACEBOOK fan site Kindred Spirits Photography, please "like" it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When I am commissioned to photograph a portrait, whether it is a family, child or high school senior, in my mind, they become family. I want them to be completely comfortable and at home in my studio, as well as with me. Because of this, I believe I am able to capture the true spirit of my clients on "film". I am always open to unique, creative ideas. I like to step out of the box, and do something a little different.
Macklin has been my inspiration when it comes to stepping out of the box. Seeing things a little differently, and changing the expectations of what Senior portraits are suppose to be. I look forward to our next photographic adventure.


Martha is the 3rd Senior in her family I have had the privilege to photograph. She is also the last so its bittersweet for me, and I am guessing her Mom and Dad!


I have known Craig since he was about 4 years old. So when his Mom approached me about taking his senior portrait, I was honored. We had a blast. Craig was more than willing to go along with all my poses and ideas, and kept a smile for the camera the entire time.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have the pleasure of taking my own son's senior portraits this year. Here are just a few from our first outing. It is such an exciting time, and a little sad as well because I know he is getting closer to being on his own. Its such a cliche but the time has gone by so fast. I look back at the pictures of him growing up and i am so thankful to have them.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Sarah was such a natural. She made my job so much easier. She was willing to take some extra time and try some new things. The result were some amazing images.

Lavanty Family

I had the pleasure of working with this family with their first son, so when they called to book an appointment to photograph their second son, I was thrilled. They are such a special family.


I took some of Mandi's senior portrait in the winter. Her vision was a snowy night with her saxaphone it the city. It was so cold we could barely feel our fingers but I think we were able to fulfill her vision.

I have been MIA for a while... actually almost a year, and while I continue to shoot, I just haven't been posting for a variety of reasons. I lost someone very close to me, and knocked my world off its axis. My life will never be the same, but I am finally feeling upright and balanced again.
This person believed in me completely. Even though I didn't always believe it myself, she NEVER doubted that I could do anything and be anything I put my mind to.
So I am moving forward. Starting fresh and believing I can do anything, I am working on a fresh new look for the business, and updating my website. I can't wait for what comes next.