Sunday, June 22, 2008

Change is good

The past year has been a year of firsts for me.  I have made a conscious decision to step outside of 
my comfort zone.  After stepping back and looking at where I was, I realized I wasn't very "comfortable" in that place.  So I have have done many new things.  One of them being planting a garden. If you know me, you know I could kill silk flowers so this was no easy thing for me.  With the help of several friends and family,  I decided to plant small raised bed with just a few things in it, to ease myself into it.  Here is a  picture of  my lettuce, and a rainbow over my little garden, which is painted pink. 
Another thing I decided to do, is to try my hand at canning and preserving.  My hubby and I went out and picked 16 quarts of strawberries, and I made jam. My dear friend lent me her canner, and gave me a quick tutorial on it, and my very patient Mom supported me thru the process.  I took a couple quick photos of the before and after.  It was a pretty quick and painless process and we can enjoy the rewards the whole year!!