Monday, September 6, 2010


Sarah was such a natural. She made my job so much easier. She was willing to take some extra time and try some new things. The result were some amazing images.

Lavanty Family

I had the pleasure of working with this family with their first son, so when they called to book an appointment to photograph their second son, I was thrilled. They are such a special family.


I took some of Mandi's senior portrait in the winter. Her vision was a snowy night with her saxaphone it the city. It was so cold we could barely feel our fingers but I think we were able to fulfill her vision.

I have been MIA for a while... actually almost a year, and while I continue to shoot, I just haven't been posting for a variety of reasons. I lost someone very close to me, and knocked my world off its axis. My life will never be the same, but I am finally feeling upright and balanced again.
This person believed in me completely. Even though I didn't always believe it myself, she NEVER doubted that I could do anything and be anything I put my mind to.
So I am moving forward. Starting fresh and believing I can do anything, I am working on a fresh new look for the business, and updating my website. I can't wait for what comes next.