Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun

                                                         Father and Son...No denying

                                      No better Sweetest Day for me than spending time with this man.  I would choose him again and again. 

                                                             OH those beautiful smiles.

It has been such a long 6 weeks. So much has happened.  For the Short version, I started a new job after Labor day. Full time, 8 hours a day.  This has been a major change for me. I am use to being home, tending to home things, and working part time in very unconventional jobs so I could be available to my kids.   I Love my new job, and finally this week I started to feel calmer and more at home there, but it has been a bumpy road. 
  None of that mattered today. Today we picked our pumpkins and spent the day in the Fall beauty.  Just what I needed to rejuvinate my soul.  I had one last respite visit with my little friend T so we decided to bring him along to celebrate with us.  There were hay rides to pumpkin patch, an amazing corn maze, adorable goats, hot chocolate around a little fire and huge bails of hay for climbing!  Borrowing a new favorite word from my lovely friend A,             It was a splendid day!!