Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st Day of School!



Another year has come. Ben is a Sophomore, and Lewis starts Jr. High in 7th grade. Mornings are rough for me. I am a night owl, so this is never easy for me in that respect. I know so many moms who are glad when school starts but I am not one of these moms.  As frustrated as I may be sometimes, I love being around my kids. Here is a comparison of last years first day, and today.  I can't believe how they have grown. ( I have added a couple of other "1st day" photos from past years.) 

Warning: if you have Arachnophobia !!

Last evening, the boys and I went out for a last day of  summer break treat. We did a couple of errands and came home. What we found on  our sliding doors was amazing. This very busy spider spinning his/her web across one whole side of the door. It was fascinating to watch. Its amazing how fast they work. We had such a close up great view that we could actually see the web shooting out and the many eyes of the spider. If you enlarge the first photo and look very close, you can see the web coming out.  I snapped a couple of shots of " Charlotte" before getting on with the evening routine. A bit later and after dark, my son noticed a huge bug had been captured and was being devoured. I got a flashlight and watched for some time. Its hard to believe that at 43 yrs old, I have never watched a spider spin a web. By the way.... I am terrified of spiders!!!!!  Does anyone know what kind of spider that is???