Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some summer fun

While my young one was at camp this past week,  Ben and I went Canoeing.  Ben has to meet 60 hours of physical education requirements for an independent study course. He can do a variety of organized activities including walking, biking, bowling, golf and he can even go to a baseball game. Since my hubby is not too fond of water sports, especially ones that might actually flip him in the water, I decided to take Ben canoeing myself. We packed up a cooler with sandwiches and water and off we went. 7 miles down a lazy river...  3 hours.  It was very peaceful and calm for most of the trip. When we approached the 6 mile marker the water started moving a bit faster. Our canoe turned around and when we tried to turn back we got hung up on a rock, sideways in the river. I worked for a while trying to free us, all the while hoping I didn't have to call the place and ask them to come and rescue us off of the river. Finally, I was able to free us and  we  made it to our destination.  I had feared the end since we started. I knew noone would be there to pull the canoe in for us and I wasn't sure how I was going  to get out. There was a steep hill, and Ben made it out and tried to pull the canoe ashore but could get very far. I decided I would not be able to avoid getting my feet wet. I stepped out of the canoe with one foot and when I did, the canoe started moving in the opposite direction.  As I stood there doing my best impression of a cheerleader doing a split, I had no other alternative but to throw myself into the river. Oh how Ben and I laughed.  Unfortunately or fortunately,  I didn't have a camera to capture it. I enjoyed my special time with Ben, just him and  I.   
  Ben also was  able to do a riding lesson which I did capture, so here are a few of Ben, his amazingly, sweet cousin Valerie, and Weyekyn the horse.