Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kent Heritage Festival

Its been a few days since the big day. Kent Heritage Festival was this past Saturday. The weather was pleasant and thanks to the help of my friends and family, everything went smoothly (only slight issues with my banner). Thanks to Annette for hanging out with me for part of the day. 
I have been working for weeks to prepare for my annual booth at the festival. It is a way to display my work and meet potential clients.  My favorite part of  the day was when people I have photographed in the past stopped  by to say hi ( and look for their photo).  
This year, I introduced a new photo series, Real Life. I am especially excited about this because, It is what I have always wanted to do, to take natural portraits of people just being themselves. 
I attempted to take a picture of my booth, but for some reason, the picture was gone from my camera (funny) So instead,  I decided to post a copy of my Real Life postcard. 
I had a wonderful time on Saturday, and we topped off the evening with Fireworks and dippin dots.